100% Organic Sugar Wax Hair Removal Kits

Designed and Made in California

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100% Organic Sugar Wax

Certified Organic Sugar

We use only the highest quality of sugar on the market and we ensure only to use Fair-Trade sugar that has been sustainably sourced.

Citric Acid

It may sound scary, but it's just lemon juice. It’s 100% natural and your skin will love it!


That’s right. Just plain and simple water.

Four fun ways to become flawless

Use it on any part of the body. Choose a tube that fits your mood, personality and just looks exciting!

Smooth Lab

We created this brand to share our experience with sugar waxing. How a person can feel smooth with a technique that goes back centuries and only uses natural ingredients without any harm to your body. We minimize use of plastic, and strive to use glass, metal, wood, wool and paper that can be recycled. 

Everything you need is in the tube

Every Smooth Lab Home Kit comes with our Organic Sugar Wax  paste, strips, spatulas and instructions

Due to COVID, I needed a simple sugar wax kit to use at home. This was it. It was simple, easy and produced great results!

Natalie T.

The kit is great! Love the tube! It's beautifully designed, keeping all my treasures in it, now.

Anna N.

I spent a lot of time on a beach. I wanted to look perfect, but was a bit hesitated to go to a wax salon. This do it your self kit allowed me to do it myself in the comfort of my home. 

James P.