About us

Smooth Lab's Founder Dasha 

Dasha came to the US with her husband and family back in 2018 with, like many before them, the idealized American dream. While her husband was pursuing an MBA degree, Dasha spent her time with her newborn daughter, but nevertheless with a burning passion to design and develop a business of her own. When she wasn’t looking after her children, she would spend her free time playing tennis, reading books, and often visiting nail salons and beauty parlors.


Like many women around the world, Dasha prefers to use sugar wax for hair removal and has sworn by it since her first experience. She has always loved the fact that sugar wax is the safest and most natural way to remove body hair with ease and unbeatable comfort. Back home, sugar wax is commonplace, and almost every beauty salon uses it. But here in the US, Dasha was shocked to find out that most beauty salons are not even aware of sugar wax, and if they did, then usually the quality and results were poor.


Today, Dasha still uses sugar wax - but now she’s also a trained esthetician in sugar waxing with over seven years of experience. She has developed a talented eye for the sugar wax procedure and knows the technique inside and out.




But as with many professions, she encountered bumps and roadblocks along the way. She would try to do it herself, but faced another problem; there was a distinct lack of quality home sugar waxing kits on the market. With every kit she purchased online or in-store, she would find the paste to be either too runny, the ingredients were low-quality, or the structure of the sugar wax paste would not to reach her high standards. She tried several brands, big and small, but nothing performed to her satisfaction.


So, when you want something done well, you do it yourself!


And so, she did.


Dasha spent months and painstaking months making her own sugar wax paste until she finally found the right mix of ingredients that she could use. She started from basics. Dasha learned about the chemistry side of the sugar wax paste and experimented. She went through several iterations, which gradually improved over time. Once she was happy with her creation, she knew that she had to share her achievements. She wanted everyone to know that this is the only sugar wax paste to use to get the ultimate sugar waxing experience.


Everyone, she shared her sugar wax concoction with fell immediately in love with it. It was at this moment that Dasha realized that she should share her passion on a larger scale, and give everyone the unbeatably smooth experience of natural sugar waxing. Shortly afterward, Smooth Lab was born.


Dasha created Smooth Lab to address an important issue; how do you get smooth skin in the most natural, organic, and environmentally friendly way? She provided a solution to that problem, with an all-natural, affordable, and eco-friendly way. Here at Smooth Lab, we only use organic materials to create our wax, and we strive to reduce the use of plastic and any other unnatural elements in our packaging.


Enjoy smooth, all-natural waxing with this organic, and pain-free sugar waxing kit, made with love and care by Smooth Lab.